Thursday, June 28, 2018

Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

Kat struggles as a single mom to keep life as normal as possible for her son Ethan. Creating a new life after her divorce from her abusive husband Andrew. Ethan is by all definition a genius. As many gifted children do, he had a hard time fitting in socially with his peers. Often the victim of bulling and isolation. Attending a high end private school called Cambridge, every day at school was a struggle for him.

Imagine Kat's surprise when Ethan was over the moon at the thought of attending an overnight field trip with his fellow classmates. After much contemplation she decided to let him be a normal kid and hopes for the best as she sends him on his way to Camp Crosby. Then every parent's worst nightmare comes true. She gets that dreaded visit by the police informing her Ethan is missing. We then are allowed into Kat's world of a personal deep dark hell of waiting for word if her child is alive. Will she ever see Ethan again? Honestly I had no idea how this would turn out for Kat.

After reading the The Marriage Lie by this same author, I knew this would be one heck of a read. I loved that book so much. I was not surprised at all to discover this totally lived up to my expectations. What stood out with this book is that I was at the edge of my seat the entire time. I had no idea if they would find Ethan dead or alive. Ms. Belle was able to stir up emotions in me and made me have anxiety as the search went on. I think in this day and age we can really relate to this because we have experienced so many of these cases in the media. Unfortunately many do not end well. So the anticipation of the ending was defiantly consuming my thoughts even when I had to put the book down to do other things. The author achieved the ultimate goal by making me feel as if I were watching an actual child abduction case, but from the viewpoint of the mother. Absolutely terrifying.

As if the story was not suspenseful enough, the last chapter blew me away. I never saw that coming. The author fed you some clues, but there was one piece of vital information that you discover in the last chapter and that was my ohhhh moment. I think my mouth literally fell open. Fantastic book that is going to stay in my thoughts for quite some time.

5 stars from me!

Thank you so much to Kimberly Belle, Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley for this opportunity to read and review this wonderful book!

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