Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Sister In Law by Sue Watson

Holy Sister-in-Law from hell!! This book had me fuming! Let me tell you what I liked about Ella.....nothing...not one single thing! Ughhh this girl got under my skin. Yet, I couldn't stop reading this, I literally couldn't put this down.

No surprise here… another fantastic thriller from Sue Watson ❤️. As soon as my book buddy Jayme and I saw this newest book from Sue Watson, well we instantly decided it was buddy read time! I can tell you this made for a terrific buddy read as there was ALOT to talk about!

You say we are going on a family vacy? Awesome...I can't wait. Ohhh your carefree world traveling brother Jamie is going to join us. Yesss! Jamie is fun! I love him. Oh wait, Jamie got married?! Oh wow she is something else isn't she? Instagram "it" girl or so she thinks. She loves in London and New York, gorgeous glam girl. Yet where does she get all this money? Does she have any friends? A girl like this should have another BFF glam girl right? HMMMM spidey senses are kicking in...

As usual Sue Watson got me with all her twists...seriously I did manage to figure one out...but they kept coming and coming...Just when I thought we were done with the twists...well let's just say it was very well played.......

Thank you so much to Bookouture for an ARC of this latest by Sue Watson! I loved it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Hells to the yes!! This is the thriller I have been waiting for! Lately I admit, thrillers have not been..well thrilling me. I have had a problem with them all being, meh...They either are one of these three things...1. not really a thriller...2. Start out with a bang and then the ending is just..plain ridiculous...3. super boring until the last couple of chapters. Not this one! This one delivered from page one!

Jules and Will are the couple I love to hate. They are gorgeous and they know it. Nobody loves Jules and Will more than- you guessed it Jules and Will. Leave it to Jules to insist on dragging her entire wedding party to a remote island. She claims it is for privacy, I though wondered if it were some publicity stunt. The island has a wicked reputation and sketchy past. Umm...sounds like a fantastic place for a wedding, right??!!

I absolutely loved the creepy atmosphere, I wouldn't have spent one night there no matter how much Jules insisted- because she would insist. Everything is all about Jules. The book revolves around multiple POV's which all are members of the wedding party. Yet the author did a superb job of making it really easy to follow along. The chapters were clearly labeled for each POV and if you didn't get it, she even had a description- wedding planner, etc...Yesss! I loved it!

Although admittedly I wasn't a huge fan of The Hunting Party, that is clearly not the case here. Her previous novel was a bit too slow of a burn for me. This one was ON FIRE. This book was a super quick read, with short chapters that I flew through in less than 24 hours. That is my kind of thriller.   There were several big twists that I never in a million years saw coming. Yet, they weren't insane. I knew something was off with each of the characters, yet for the life of me I couldn't figure out what they were hiding. Trust me- they were hiding alot!

Monday, April 13, 2020

The New Husband by D.J. Palmer


You know that feeling that you have with new love? They can do no wrong? You can't see their faults at all? Or if you do you overlook them? Hellllooo Nina! Wake up and smell the coffee girl! I really wish I could've been her BFF and yelled this to her. Although I doubt she would've listened.

After Nina's cheating husband Glen goes missing she moves on. Even though Glen's body has never been found she decides he either died or left her so either way he is not coming back.  Her daughter Maggie on the other hand has a much harder time with this. I loved little Maggie and my heart broke for her. As her mom decided to move in with Mr. Fitch ( a teacher from her school) how could things get more awkward?! Especially after it had not been long after her father's disappearance. The town is gossiping  and poor Maggie is caught in the crossfire.

This twisted little thriller was a slow burn that took awhile to take off. Yet I was glued to the pages because I did not trust this guy all!!!!!!! Simon is too good to be true. So helpful, so controlling! I don't know exactly what it was but this guy had the creep factor going on. He managed to get under my skin. It was one of those characters that you wanted to scream and say "can nobody else see what this guy is up to??"

The second half of the book I had a ton of anxiety as I was waiting to see how this would end. I loved, loved, loved Daisy and Maggie and I was terrified about the fate they might meet. The story got pretty intense towards the ending. I kept thinking, this is not going to end well.........I will leave it at that so that you can find out for yourself if the new husband Simon is all that......or not.

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this ARC.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Well believe the hype...this book is everything people say it is. This girl couldn't be any more honest if she tried...and I love her for it! It seems like when celebrities pen their memoirs they always leave out the parts that people really want to know about. Not this girl...Jessica digs deep and lets you into her most publicized moments and how she was feeling during those times. 

I loved hearing about her struggles and her success. It made her real. The fact that this girl with all her fame struggled with self confidence, self doubt and dealt with everyday problems that we all do..well it was just refreshing. 

I also was not aware of all the times she has traveled overseas to visit our troops. What a amazing thing to do. Having family members in the military I can't express how much that is a bright shiny moment in their time over there. Just some normalcy for them. I am defiantly #teamjessica! So glad she has found a happy ending...thanks for letting us into your life Jessica!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

This was so damn good! I will admit, I went into this blind, didn't read reviews, the blurb, nothing. I just saw that it was the author of one of my top reads last year ( Jar of Hearts) and I grabbed it as quick as I could. So I was a bit surprised that it was a story about a child abduction. I almost sighed because there have been so many of those lately...but don't you worry, this is a completely unique thriller and you will not be doing any sighing! In fact there are several things going on with this thriller and you will not be bored at all!

First off the title is perfect! Little secrets...more like BIG secrets! These people all have secrets! We are not talking about I went out and bought a sweater and shoes I don't need and hid them at the back of my closet secrets. We are talking are going to jail for a long time secrets- if you are caught!

I loved Marin Machado- she is a successful salon owner that literally had it all. Her salon was so high end that she was featured in magazines due to her many celebrity clients. Her husband Derek is a successful businessman and they have a gorgeous 4 year old son named Sebastian...."all it took was a lollipop, a santa suit and 4 minutes," for her entire world to be turned upside down. I really felt for Marin because even though she had it all, she has so many insecurities that it made her feel real to me. She could put on a big front but inside she didn't feel glamorous and successful. A single minute of paying more attention to her phone than her 4 year old and she is going to pay...maybe forever. Can you imagine the guilt?!

Then there is Kenzie- ughhhhhhh- 20 something, barista, art student that lives out her life on Instagram. Including the time she put pictures of herself with her feet propped up on the dash of Marin's husbands Maserati.......girlfriend it is GAME ON...Don't screw with a this wronged mom and wife! Did Kenzie know where her son is? Is this some sort of wicked game to mess with Marin?

There are so many secrets in this twisty thriller that it did keep me guessing. I was shocked at the level of  crazy secrets these otherwise "normal" people had! I loved, loved, loved this one and devoured it in a day!

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press/ Minotaur books for this ARC via Edelweiss!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A day in my an ER nurse during a pandemic

Anyone that knows me- my regular Twitter peeps, know that I only blog about books! I love to talk books and I can not lie! Something else though is having a very profound effect on my ability to read, write, blog etc. My mind like much of the country is somewhere else. Go figure. Who knew we would ever see a pandemic like this...I never dreamed it when I enrolled in nursing school.

Everyone is scared, but I can't stress to you how crazy it is to be in healthcare right now. I am questioning my career choice. It started out as joking among the healthcare workers...oh my gosh people this is just like the flu. Nope wrong! We have never been more wrong. This shit is real.

I work in an ER. I have always worked in an ER. We see everything and we keep our cool. I can watch a person literally quit breathing in front of me, and completely keep my cool. You have to be calm when you are in this profession. Yet this has me rattled...I sit at the nurses station and listen to doctors- ER doctors that are phased by almost nothing. Talk about how they are having panic attacks in the middle of the night, how they feel short of breath, how they are scared...we all are...this is the new norm.

I go to work and I am surrounded by patients that are fighting for their life. Some have already tested positive and some are most certainly going to be positive. We put three patients on a ventilator within two hours...not normal people...this stuff is scary...and they are not all elderly.

A couple of months ago we were reprimanded by hospital administrators for wearing a mask out of a room into the nursing station. Reason being if that person coughed on us, etc that we can be carrying those germs. Now it is perfectly fine, even encouraged for me to wear that mask for...months??? Weeks??? Who knows...How gross is this? How dangerous is this? As a healthcare worker I am continuing to go to work each wearing hospital issued scrubs and eyewear that I have bought. We have no bubble suit as you may see on tv. At what point do you step back as the healthcare worker and say...I can no longer risk my life and my family's life? I have not quite figured it out yet. What is the breaking point? As I am so exhausted and break into tears on a daily basis. As I feel myself start to get a cough. When is enough is enough for me? True I did sign up for this but I always thought in the United States of America, I would have proper protection. Wrong again. I would never dream that high risk patients would come in and refuse to wear a mask, refuse to cooperate and say "they don't give a damn if they spread it to me and my coworkers." Wrong again, it has happened. No kidding. People that do this are literally messing with our lives.

I feel so bad for my patients- the ones I know really aren't going to make it and they are all visitors allowed...I feel bad for every single one of this is the new reality I is heart breaking. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone and is battling this...also my fellow healthcare workers...we are all in this together and I hope we all make it to the end. Rant done, I am exhausted...just as much as the world is......