Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Comeback by Ella Berman

I am going to start off this review with a bold statement for a bold book...this book struck me as a mix between My Dark Vanessa and Daisy Jones...there I said it. Now if you don't feel the same after reading this book, certainly don't blame me- that was just the vibe I got. Now that I got my disclaimer out of the way let's get on with this book that blew me away.

Grace Turner is missing from Hollywood. She can be found in her quiet hometown standing in a CVS buying her mom tampons and diet pills. One of Hollywood's biggest stars...she literally told nobody she was leaving- not her agent, her friends or her husband. Just slipped into the night and escaped her reality. Much as she had been doing for years- except with drugs and alcohol.

I don't know if I can express all of my feelings about this book without writing my own book. It just evokes so many feeling in the reader. This book captured how at 14 Grace discovered that she had a new power. The power that adults had to pay attention to her and found they were trying to please her and win her over. What 14 year old has that power? A child superstar, that is who. What an odd realization for a 14 year old. Also to be stripped away from your family and friends. Having nobody as a support except for the people in the industry, the people being paid to be your support system. Enter Able Yorke- famous director whom takes Grace under his wing- he made her, she is nothing without her. Or so she is made to think.

So I fully went into this expecting My Dark Vanessa all the way. Having read both excellent books, I do feel this one will appeal to a wider audience. The only thing these two novels have in common  are about the subject matter-  the abuse of power by a figure of authority over a young girl. The difference is...Grace knows she was a victim. Grace knows Able abused his power over her. Grace knows and she wants him to pay. Also unlike Vanessa this book doesn't go into the graphic details that Vanessa did. We know abuse took place but we are spared from living through every gut wrenching detail. So I feel the message came across and will appeal more to a larger audience because it is much easier to read. I never once felt uncomfortable reading this book, yet I got the message loud and clear.

I loved so much about this book..the short chapters were so easy to read. Grace was so darn real, I loved we got to see her in her hometown and her Hollywood self. When Grace gets a chance to make the world see Able for who he really is....I was anxiously waiting to see if she was brave enough...

This book is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough. The author didn't simply write on the current situation in Hollywood that has now been "outed" to the rest of the world. She had been writing this novel before that news hit the media. Upon reading her bio, I would say it is safe to say she has been witness to some of these "power moves" made by men in power since really the beginning of time. Yet, you don't have to be a Hollywood star to know this happens every single the world... A story of disgusting, vile, manipulative, abuse of power of a young girl. A young girl just trying to be successful in a big world.

Thank you so very much to Berkley for sending me this amazing book

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

He Started It by Samantha Downing

About the book:

 My Thoughts

So you say there is a new Samantha Downing book? I say...give it to me now! I couldn't wait for her latest book. My Lovely Wife was one of the best books I have read in 2019! If you have not read it yet, GO it, just read it!

Ready for the road trip from hell? You think your family is dysfunctional and the road trips leave a bit to be desired?  HAHAHA you haven't seen anything yet. This is no Chevy Chase Family Vacation...this is the grandpa road show. Grandpa made them do it for the millions. Yes, millions of dollars that he left them in the will. Only stipulation? The 3 siblings must recreate the road trip they did as children with good old Gramps. Sounds easy right? Just don't  break the rules...if you break the rules you are out...which means more for the others! Hmmm... this could get really interesting.

This was a thrill ride right from the start for me. I loved the road trip with all the tension and the creep factor. Staying in seedy little motels on the side of the road. Dealing with less than desirable folks along the way. Reliving the "good old days" of the past road trip.......not!! Who would you kill and how was one of gramps favorite road trip games....Just saying...

This ending was spectacular! Let's just say I never saw it coming in a million years. I am going to bet you won't either. I absolutely loved My Lovely Wife and this one is just as good. Samantha Downing is defiantly on my must read list and has quickly become one of my very favorite authors.


Samantha Downing currently lives in New Orleans, where she is furiously typing away at her next thrilling novel.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay

Have you ever experienced such a loss that it literally takes a piece of you with it? It is such a profound loss that a piece of your very soul goes along with it and you never quite feel the same? You go on through life, you manage to be successful, yet there is still a piece of your happiness that you just can't get back? Well this is exactly what happened to Chelsea Martin.

After losing her mother to cancer while in her early 20's Chelsea threw herself into her career. She became a rising star in the nonprofit world, raising money for cancer. This girl was a superstar at her job. Yet her job was all that she had. One day it occurs to her that her "happy" is gone. She wants to get her mojo back but isn't sure how. So she decides to head back to where she last was happy and carefree right before the loss of her mother. She had been "finding herself after college" in Ireland, Paris and Italy. So off she went to find her happiness again.

Okay there Chelsea, first off- you can't go back home or so they say. I was highly doubtful that she could turn back the clock and find her happy by doing so. Yet it was highly entertaining watching her do so. Stalking- I mean finding her old boyfriends...learning how to use a stripper pole...among other things.

The part I enjoyed the most was her "relationship" with her co-worker Jason. I loved their snarky banter that left me laughing. It reminded me a bit of The Hating Game type of snarky coworker, love-hate. Highly entertaining and I really loved the chapters when he tried to worm his annoying way into her business. He was her Goose to her Maverick. Will she find her happy? Will she get her mojo back? All while trying to land a 10 million dollar deal? I loved Chelsea even though she made she bad decisions....cow pjs in front of your coworkers anyone? Go Chelsea find your mojo girl! I am cheering you on!

This was the perfect little rom-com escape and I loved it. Thank you so much to Berkley for providing me with this ARC for an honest review.  I hope you all love it too!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

How to Save a Life by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

I have never met a Liz and Lisa book I didn't like and this one is no exception. Although I must say this one did seem a bit "deeper" and managed to evoke a few tears from me. I must admit I was a little skeptical about this "groundhog" day premise, but it did work. It got the message across and kept me glued to the pages.

Dom broke things off with Mia ten years ago. As they have both gone their separate ways, Dom thinks about Mia...every...single fact he talks about her so much that his family and friends thinks he is obsessed with her. I must agree. Yet, I think that Dom is not entirely happy with his life and he thinks that Mia is the thing that would have made his whole life perfect. I think many of us do that. You think to yourself- well if I had done this in life, my life would be perfect. When in fact it may be just the same. SO I got you Dom, I understand.

Then ten years later, by chance Dom runs into Mia on the street. Do they have a chance to live happily ever after? It is as if the universe wants a say in this as Dom is forced to relive Mia's death- over and over again. OMG my heart broke each time for Dom. I just kept holding out hope that Dom can change the outcome...just one time...

Will Dom get his happily ever after? Will Mia make it to see another day? Can Dom literally save a life? I loved this book even though it tore my heart out many times! As for the title...well it is perfect! Not only do I LOVE this song by The fit in perfectly with this book. Although, I am going to be singing this to myself for weeks to come...thanks Liz and least I love the song.

Huge shoutout to Lake Union Publishing for sending me a finished copy of this gorgeous book for a honest review. I loved it! Pub date is 7/14/2020

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Sunday Girl by Pip Drysdale

4.5 stars rounded up to 5

Yes! Now this is a fantastic little domestic thriller. Whew, this was a wild ride right from the first page. Taylor- our "Sunday girl" had bad taste in men. Angus her long time boyfriend ( aka F@#$ Head) as Taylor's BFF nicknamed him, was proof of that. He was all kinds of special........womanizer, drug user, abusive, just an all around scum of the earth. Yet Taylor dug him...until she didn't.

After all this that she had put up with, what was the final straw? A sex tape of her uploaded to the internet...oh Angus, what have you done?! Taylor is about to unleash her good girl gone crazy when she plots revenge.

Wow, this book is just my kind of thriller. I love a good revenge story. It actually gave me a great deal of angst waiting for the other shoe to drop. Taylor had some fantastic and entertaining revenge ideas...I mean of course they were wrong, so very wrong. HAHAHA but still I had to think...yeah Taylor you go...The thing is two can play at this who will be the winner? This was a solid 5 star all the way until the end. I did expect just a little bit more cray at the end, hence the .5 star off. Yet, obviously I loved it!

I can hardly believe this is a debut! I seriously can't wait to get my hands on her next book!  A huge shout out to Melody of @ohthebooksshewillread on Instagram for my giveaway copy and of course Sourcebooks Landmark. Thanks Pip Drysdale for entertaining me with this wicked little tale of revenge is sweet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

The Last Flight.... ❤️ need I say more?! This book is so sizzling hot! Would you walk away from your picture perfect life?...switching place with a complete stranger? What if their life was even more dangerous than your own? Would you do it...without knowing what was waiting for you on the other side?

This book is dangerous, thrilling and fast paced. Everything I love in a thriller. Claire and Eva switch lives, literally purses and all. Whatttt? Nope there is no going back now. Girlfriend has your purse, your phone and you credit cards. I was shocked these two would do this. They each trade plane tickets.. with no idea what is waiting for them when they get off the plane...except one plane about bad luck..or is it the perfect escape?

This book had book started with a bang and ended with one. I was completely blind sided with the ending. A perfect thriller that I couldn't down.