Friday, September 28, 2018

Lies Between Us by Ronnie Turner

Three different story lines are being told in alternating chapters. You know they must tie into to each other but you are not quite sure how. The tie in was brilliant and I am pretty convinced you will not figure out the connection until it happens.

John Graham is living a good life, he is a best selling author and his wife Jules is a successful gallery owner. They are expecting their second child. Then their 6 year old Bonnie goes missing from their home. It quickly becomes clear that this was a well executed abduction and it is personal. Whoever has her is trying to mentally torture John. Indicating they know him from his past and they have watched him for years. What do they want from John and why are they so angry?

Maisie Green is an ICU nurse that is caring for her patient Tim that has been beaten so badly he may not pull through. His wife Heidi  is at his bedside everyday, as is his friend Watson. Except something is very odd and Maisie can't shake the feeling that things aren't quite right with this family.

Miller is defiantly the most intriguing character in my opinion. His story is based in the past, recounting his childhood. We get a look into his innermost thoughts and good god they are scary! Turner managed to do what a good thriller author does. She literally creeped me out and gave me chills reading Miller's chapters. "Sweet girl, funny girl, dead girl." Chilling words and trust me that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I was so excited to get an ARC of this book especially since it is a debut novel for Ronnie Turner. She did not disappoint! She definitely has a handle on how to keep you guessing all the way until the end. You know that somehow these three stories that seemed unrelated at first would tie in and they sure did. You just have not a clue as to how and when. If you want to literally feel chills go down your spine, spend a little time in Miller's mind. I look forward to reading more from Ronnie Turner. It is hard to believe this is her debut novel.

Thank you so much to Ronnie Turner, HQ Digital and NetGalley for the ARC to read and review!

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