Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sneak Peek Sunday

Happy Sunday peeps! It is time again for a little Sneak Peek Sunday. This is a meme created by my fellow Traveling Sisters Brenda and Norma over at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee. On Sundays we give a sneak peek into a book that has not been published yet. This week it is The Hiding Place by C.J. Tudor. Please pop over to see what my fellow Traveling Sisters Brenda and Norma at
Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee and Christina at Recipe and a Read have to say about this one!

We read this as a group read a couple of weeks ago. I plan on publishing my full review on publication day which is February 5th!  I thought this was a very well written book. The details were amazing and made me feel as if I were right there in the story. I thought it was very creative and I actually felt like I was reading a Stephen King book. Which of course is a great compliment to the author as King is so well respected and loved. There were many creepy parts....and some might involve a great deal of bugs..........

 Just say you have been warned............

With that being said, I did enjoy the book but I did find myself struggling with parts of the book. Specifically there was some supernatural elements that had me scratching my head as I was a bit lost. I actually think it is a bit of "it's me not you" with this because I just struggle with supernatural and science fiction and those type of books. So if you are a fan of horror or specifically Stephen King, I am pretty sure you will enjoy this one!

Thanks to my fellow Traveling Sisters for reading this with me!!

Goodreads summary

The thrilling second novel from the author of The Chalk Man, about a teacher with a hidden agenda who returns to settle scores at a school he once attended, only to uncover a darker secret than he could have imagined.

Joe never wanted to come back to Arnhill. After the way things ended with his old gang--the betrayal, the suicide, the murder--and after what happened when his sister went missing, the last thing he wanted to do was return to his hometown. But Joe doesn't have a choice. Because judging by what was done to that poor Morton kid, what happened all those years ago to Joe's sister is happening again. And only Joe knows who is really at fault.

Lying his way into a teaching job at his former high school is the easy part. Facing off with former friends who are none too happy to have him back in town--while avoiding the enemies he's made in the years since--is tougher. But the hardest part of all will be returning to that abandoned mine where it all went wrong and his life changed forever, and finally confronting the shocking, horrifying truth about Arnhill, his sister, and himself. Because for Joe, the worst moment of his life wasn't the day his sister went missing.

It was the day she came back.

With the same virtuosic command of character and pacing she displayed in The Chalk Man, CJ Tudor has once again crafted an extraordinary novel that brilliantly blends harrowing psychological suspense, a devilishly puzzling mystery, and enough shocks and thrills to satisfy even the most seasoned reader.

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