Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Truth by Naomi Joy

Well hello you twisted, domestic psychological thriller...I loved Naomi Joy's debut novel The Liars and I wondered if she could do it again....the answer is yes, hell yes she did!

Do you trust your spouse? In sickness and in health? Are you sure? Whoa pump the brakes people this book is sooo twisted. Anthony is the picture perfect husband. He is so loving and caring towards his wife Emelia that people are constantly telling her how lucky she is. Yet is she lucky or is she the object of obsession for her husband? Will he do everything in his power to control her life? Till death do they part? The ultimate story of control and the lengths people will go to.

Yet in a typical thriller fashion, you can't always take things at face value. There may be more to the story. This author took us on such a twisted path that I never saw the ending coming.  A unique approach as we learned about Emelia's life through her secret blog that she kept from her husband. The details on her blog were so disturbing and chilling.

The Truth is a great title for this book as I had no idea who was telling the truth! Based on some true cases in the media, this book is sure to have you wondering who does this stuff?! Well apparently there are people out there that do!

Thank you so much to Aria for this ARC! Congratulations to Naomi Joy for writing yet another great thriller!

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