Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


You know that friend that you go years without contact, yet you are so comfortable that you pick right up where you left off? Well that is me with Becky Brandon (Bloomwood). This girl has seen me through some hard times! I have missed Becky and her outgoing, quirky, sometimes socially unacceptable  personality. I was so excited to see a new Shopaholic book and a Christmas one at that!

So for those of you who don't know Becky- there is a whole series, except this is a perfect stand alone. No need to read the previous books, except you will want to after you read this! I think I read my first Shopaholic book in 2000. Honestly I completely forgot about the series since I have not read any in years, this was literally like going back in time. Very nostalgic, it was like indulging in some comfort food for the soul.

Back to Becky! This girl is like a Bridget Jones with more fashion style and an addiction to shopping. Becky believes in buying everything in excess, no matter what it is. Why order one turkey when you can order three- just in case what I don't know, but this is how Becky rolls.

When Becky is nominated by the family to host Christmas, it throws her into a buying frenzy. As always the crazy antics continue...she loves to send random letters and the responses are always hilarious. From 30 lbs of frozen salmon on the front lawn, to getting locked in a pet store with loose hamsters- Becky never disappoints. Fingers crossed for another Becky book soon!!

Thank you so much to the publisher Random House for this adorable, fun ARC! Thanks so much for Sophie Kinsella for turning out another great Shopaholic book! We love Becky!!!

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  1. Wonderful review, Kim!! Sounds like a lovely holiday read! 🎄


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