Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Last Affair by Margot Hunt

Gwen Landon—poster woman for perfect wife, mother, and suburban bliss—is found brutally bludgeoned to death behind her Floridian McMansion. Beautiful and beloved by her community, Gwen makes an unlikely victim. But just a scratch below the surface of her perfectly curated world reveals one far more sinister. When looking back over the six months leading up to her death, the question of, “who would do this?” quickly shifts to, “who wouldn’t?”

Commercially successful food blogger and mother of three, Nora Holliday never imagined she would have the nerve, let alone time, to get involved an affair. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, she does whatever it takes to keep it all together. But when Nora runs into Gwen Landon's husband at a hotel in Orlando, his easy kindness and warmth proves too tempting to resist. As their affair spirals dangerously out of control, it seems things can’t get more complicated—until Gwen turns up dead.

My Thoughts

Gwen Landon has it all- a beautiful family, married to husband Josh whom is a orthodontist that everyone in town adores. Gwen lives in an idealistic seaside town called Shoreham that nothing exciting ever happens in. Except for that day when Gwen was found in her backyard next to the pool with her head bashed in with a driveway paver...except for that day. That was a pretty eventful day for Shoreham....

Wow! Just wow! What a start to a book! I am not giving up any spoilers here people, this is the real deal. This actually happened in the very first chapter and then we are left the entire book to try to play detective and figure out who killed Gwen?!

Perhaps it was Nora who also has a pretty perfect life. Except for that drunk husband of hers...hmm..then there is Gwen's daughter who she forever is giving a hard time for literally everything. Or perhaps it is a husband who isn't as perfect as he seems? Or maybe, just maybe it is one of the many people that Gwen has pissed off with her I am better than you demeanor that she puts out. The suspects are endless and that is what made this so darn good.

I was totally in the dark this entire book, I must admit. I jumped at the chance to read my second Margot Hunt book. For Better or Worse was one of my very favorite books last year. Hunt can spin a twisty domestic thriller web with the best of them!

I was caught off guard with the opening chapter not only revealing that someone got murdered, but who exactly got murdered! I was wondering how is this going to pan out for the rest of the book. Yet it really worked. It had me squinting my eyes in suspicion when every character revealed a side of them that made me think, ohhh that is the killer ( thanks Margot Hunt for the adding to my squinting wrinkles).

Thank you so much to Mira Books/Harper Collins for inviting me along on this fabulous blog tour! So excited to shout out about this book. Thanks to Margot Hunt for another fantastic read!

BIO: Margot Hunt is a critically acclaimed author of psychological suspense. Her work has been praised by Publisher's Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus Reviews.

TWITTER: @HuntAuthor


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