Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James


OMG I am speechless! Well not really..but can I give this book 10 stars??!!! Adding this to my list of all time favorite thrillers. Yes, it was that good. So many good things about this book, where do I even start?

I think what made this book so special was the feelings it gave me. The creepy, chills down my spine- feelings I had the entire book! I am not sure how an author can manage to spin such an atmospheric feel with words that you are entirely caught up in the whole vibe. How is this really possible? It is me. I was at the Sun Down Motel..yep I was. I could hear the ice maker rattling down the hallway, I could smell the musty smell of years of neglect. I could feel myself gearing up for fight or flight as I knew something really bad was going to happen. I could visualize the dirty carpet and thin, stained bedspreads....Ewwwww...

That is just one of the many factors that made this book absolutely fantastic. The story line was so interesting that I was captivated the whole time. With a dual time line of an aunt that had gone missing in 1982 and her niece who wanted answers to questions in 2017, it constantly kept you on your toes. Especially when Carly decides to work at the Sun Down Motel doing the exact same job as her aunt Viv did twenty years prior. Did I mention Viv went to work one night and never came home? Not much has changed at The Sun Down Motel. No flipping way would I last one single night there.....hells to the NO!

As you guessed it, I loved this book. Perhaps going to be my favorite book of the year? Okay I hear you, it is only January 15th but I guarantee we will be having this same conversation at the end of the year. This book is that good.

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