Tuesday, November 3, 2020

White Ivy by Susie Yang


Wow!!! There is nothing better than going into a debut and having it blow you away. ❤️ This seems to be the year of fantastic debuts and you just need to add this one to the list. This book is a slow burn that is so eloquently done that I could not look away. I could not put this down, it had an almost magnetizing element to it. Susie Yang has arrived my friends!

Ivy Lin is a girl that pulled me in a million directions. On one hand I wanted to feel sympathetic towards her. Her family immigrated to America where she lived in a low income complex, her family struggling to make ends meet. As if Ivy didn't have enough personal turmoil trying to fit in, her family sent her off to a exclusive school- Grove Prep Academy. It is here that Ivy gets a taste of the good life and decides it will be hers no matter what the cost.

For some reason Ivy has that "something" about her that just draw people to her. They would see the good in her, yet she was filled with dark, disturbing thoughts. Her moral lines were not drawn in the sand, they seemed to move about whenever she needed something. Yet still...everyone seems to love Ivy. She is a master manipulator and knows her game well. She makes people want to do things for her.

As she struggles to make it to the top, stepping on people from her past, just how far will she go? The ending was one that I never saw coming! I loved it!

Huge shoutout to Simon & Schuster for sending this gifted physical copy my way in exchange for an honest review.

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