Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano



OMG I LOVED this book! When the dedication page says...for Ashley and Megan because I would bury a body with either of you...well you know it is going to be good!

Finlay is several things...a writer, a mom, a sister, a contract killer...who knew murder could be so much fun?! I sure didn't.
A unique plot that kept me glued to the pages...absolutely!
Do I want more Finlay?....Yes, yes, yes please!!

After being banned from Panera for bad behavior.. Finlay decided to meet her book agent at...well Panera of course! Certainly she could meet her agent at another restaurant, but in typical Finlay style..Panera it is! This fiasco continues on a downward spiral when she is mistaken for a contract killer while discussing her latest book ideas!

This book puts the F in fun! It is such an original plot that is was so refreshing to read. It was a part thriller, mystery with a side of twisted humor- all wins in my book!

The ending was perfection! It hints at the fact that there may be a follow up to this book. OMG let it be so! Sign me up for more Finlay Donovan!

Thank you so much to Minotaur Books for my gorgeous physical copy! I adore this cover! Huge shoutout to one of my book BFF Susan for reading this with me! We loved it!

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