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Darling Girl by Liz Michalski


Release Date: May 3, 2022

About The Book:

Holly Darling is beautiful, rich, and descended from the original Wendy Darling. For decades, she and her family have been the toast of London society. The Darling women grow up hoping for Peter Pan to come to their window, dreaming of wild nights and starlit skies, and adventures that will take them far, far away.

But Holly Darling — Wendy’s granddaughter — is different. She has a career she loves, a teenage son she’d do anything for, and a daughter she never mentions who is afflicted with a mysterious condition. She has no time for fairy tales, for boys who never grow up. She has her hands full, and she also keeps a secret:

Once upon a time, Peter Pan really did visit her. And he’s not exactly as portrayed.

My Thoughts

Hold onto your pixie dust🧚‍♂️ this is not your mother’s Peter Pan!! Dark…twisted and a page turner.. this clever retelling kept me glued to the pages!! This book is burning up Bookstagram and for good reason! We all love Peter Pan right?? ❤️ Well Holly Darling is no different.. in fact.. all the Darling women seem to have fallen under his spell.. but at what cost? Is Peter the good guy we all think .... or does he have a dark.. evil side to him?! All the fan favorites are here… Peter… Tinkerbell 🧚‍♂️…and Wendy Darling’s daughter and granddaughter… maybe even a bit of Captain Hook... That is really all I can share because… you need to read this for yourself… it is so clever.. creative and original… that I never knew what direction it would take… but it is very dark and very twisted.. so consider yourself warned! I love both of these things so I was all in.. let’s just say… I will never look at Peter Pan the same! Loved this retelling! I just can’t get over how the author was able to respin this! Brilliant! This was also a BOTM pick! 🥳🥳🥳

About The Author:

Liz Michalski is the author of Evenfall and a contributor to Writer Unboxed, dubbed a “best of the best” website for writers by Writer’s Digest. DARLING GIRL is her second novel. Liz also contributed to Author in Progress, a manual for aspiring writers. A former reporter and editor, Liz now crafts articles on human interest, living, and health as a freelance writer. She lives with her family in Massachusetts, where she loves reading fairy tales and sometimes, writing them.

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