Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Mother I Never Had by Gary Goldstein

About the book: 

Pub date:  10/11/22

It's tough enough for L.A. landscape designer Nate Cronin when his professor father, Jim, who raised him alone since birth, dies, leaving Nate an orphan at thirty years old. But when the provocative and mysterious Amy enters Nate’s life soon after, it sends him on a devastating journey to unravel the truth about his past, the veracity of Amy’s claims, and the history of the father he adored.

At the same time, Nate must come to terms with his commitment to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer, a dance instructor whose patience with the resistant Nate frays as she attempts to help him navigate the psychological minefield set off by Amy’s arrival.

The Mother I Never Had asks readers to consider what they would do if they found themselves faced with a parent they never knew existed—and if they could accept the secrets and lies that kept her away for a lifetime.


 Guys… I loved this book! ❤️ This is a book that captivates you from the very first page. Nate’s journey was not only heartbreaking… but it was so darn real. Nate is such a well developed character that I felt I knew him….

You are just living your life… making your way as an L.A. landscaper 🪴… you have your adorable dog Cody… which of course all the girls love.. 🐕… then life hits with a curveball… your father is ripped from your life…your longtime girlfriend is calling it quits..😬… and you find a new woman entering your life… one you NEVER saw coming..😳

The writing is amazing. I can’t even exactly put my finger on it .. but it is so easy to read this book.. it was like I was sitting and chatting with my dude Nate. 🤷‍♀️ In fact.. I didn’t even realize how emotionally invested I was until the end.. when I found myself having anxiety as I waited to see how this was going to unfold… I loved how this wrapped up. 😉

Such an amazing journey of life.. love.. loss… secrets 🤫… I found myself not wanting this story to end… you can bet I will be picking up @garygoldsteinla debut The Last Birthday Party! 🥳

About The Author:

Gary Goldstein is an award-winning writer for film, TV, and the theatre with more than thirty produced screen and stage credits. The New York native and longtime L.A. resident has also been a contributing film reviewer and arts feature writer for the Los Angeles Times since 2007. His first novel, the romantic comedy The Last Birthday Party, won a 2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Fiction.

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