Thursday, July 26, 2018

Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent

Do you ever finish a book and have so much to say, but you are so mind f*@*%# that you don't even know what to say about it? Well that is how I feel after this book. I am speechless. The dysfunction, the ending, pretty much everything about it. I LOVED this book.

A troubled girl named Annie Doyle goes missing.  Annie is not your model citizen, as a result, minimal effort is put into finding her whereabouts. Labeled as a prostitute and drug user, her family seems to be the only ones concerned of what has become of her.

Meet Lydia and Andrew. They seem like a perfect couple. They live in a very prestigious  area on an acre of land  with an estate called Avalon. Avalon was inherited by Lydia whom comes from a well respected family. Family is everything to Lydia. She grew up in this home and has never left. Married to Andrew who adores her and would do literally anything for her, life is just grand for Lydia. She wears the best clothes, eats the finest foods. Yet has not a single friend. As I said, family is everything for Lydia.

Meet Laurence, son of Lydia and Andrew. He grows up without a want in the world, spoiled by his parents to no end. His mother showers him with attention. So much so that he ends up struggling to create relationships outside of his family home. Until he meets the love of his life or is she simply an obsession?

A psychopath is someone that tends to lack normal human emotions, such as guilt. Yep, someone in this book is definitely a psychopath. Can you guess who? Even if you can guess who, you still won't guess how this book ends.

 Talk about a dysfunctional family. You have not seen anything until you read this twisted book. I was first drawn to the cover, which is a clear indication of what is to come. Perhaps one of the creepiest, most realistic looking covers I have ever seen. To sum it up, let's just say karma is a bitch. Let's also just say I will never look at someones garden without a little additional look, just to make sure.

5 stars from me! Loved it!

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