Monday, July 9, 2018

The Sister by Louise Jensen

The Sister by Louise Jensen revolves around two girls that met in school when they were 9 years old. Grace and Charlotte (aka Charlie) became besties when Charlie took Grace, the new girl, under her wing. Neither had a sister and they latched onto each other and formed a brilliant friendship. Their friendship outlasted all others as they grew older and moved into a house together. Sharing everything and I mean everything.

Unfortunately Charlie is the girl that will be forever 24 years old. Her untimely death remains a mystery to us through most of the book. We know that Grace blames herself, but Grace also is someone with little self confidence that believes the worst in herself. We see several people around her take advantage of this and use it to their best ability to benefit themselves.

We watch Grace's life fall apart slowly as she spirals downward in a sea of guilt and grieving. It doesn't help that someone is stalking her every move. Or are they? Grace is the first to admit that she does medicate herself for anxiety and sometimes she adds alcohol to it. Is she just paranoid?

After reading The Date by Louise Jensen, I knew I had to read The Sister. The Date was a solid 5 star kind of book for me. It kept me turning the pages as quick as I could. This book was a slower burn for me. It was still good, but you had to wait a bit for things to pick up. There was alot going on in the last couple of chapters and all your questions will be answered. Even questions you didn't know you had. I have to add that I LOVE the cover of this book. Not only is it appealing, you will grasp the significance of it once you start reading the book. I enjoyed reading my second book by Louise Jensen and will definitely look forward to reading more from her.

4 stars from me!!

Thank you so much to Louise Jensen, Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review.

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