Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson

A gripping courtroom drama that will have you asking yourself- what would you do? How far would you go to protect  your family? Would you compromise every single thing you believe in?

There really was not a lot that is "nearly normal" with this family. They start out as the picture perfect family of three. Adam- the husband and father whom is a pastor. Ulrika- the wife, mom and defense attorney. Stella the 18 year old daughter who is gearing up to travel Asia. Sounds like a perfectly upstanding "normal" family right?

As their life is turned upside down by accusations that Stella is responsible for a brutal, heinous murder of a 32 year businessman, their family will either be torn apart or be bound together even tighter. As details come out, I must admit things are not looking good for Stella.

As the courtroom drama unfolds and more details are revealed, I began to question everyone and their motives. I love that the story is told from multiple POV's. We get a look into Adams thoughts, Ulrika's and Stella's. Each point of view reveals more secrets that the family has held, past and present. I found myself gasping as just when I thought I had heard it all, yet another sorted detail was revealed.

As I thought we had wrapped everything up and we had all our answers........think again...that ending was just perfect!

Thank you so much to Celadon Books for providing me with this ARC to read and review.

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