Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I Know You're There by Sarah Simpson



Is your house as safe as you think?


Natalie spent most of her childhood feeling afraid. So when she moved into her cosy little flat in St Ives and met her three friendly neighbours, she knew at once it was somewhere she'd feel safe.
Before long, Natalie's neighbours have become the family she never had. Kind, motherly Morwenna, serious, reliable Nigel, and sweet, anxious Daniel. They collect each other's mail, water each other's plants, and share each others lives.
But as Natalie knows all too well, the people who are closest to you can also be the most dangerous. And this house is not as safe as she thinks...
 Amazon: Aria Website: www.ariafiction.comTwitter: @aria_fictionFacebook: @ariafictionInstagram: @ariafiction

Amazon: Aria Website: www.ariafiction.comTwitter: @aria_fictionFacebook: @ariafictionInstagram: @ariafiction


My Thoughts

Natalie has a devastating past that she has tried to leave buried deep, except it is always there playing on her thoughts. She has done her best to walk away from those that have hurt her. Except every day she is worried that she come face to face with those she fears the most. Is her past about to reemerge and haunt her? This book was a slow build in tension throughout the entire book. As myself and Natalie tried to figure out what the hell was going on in her life. I truly had no idea what was reality and what may have been Natalie's state of mind. I don't think Natalie knew either! It was so craftily written that I was forced to guess the entire book.

As Natalie is truly rebuilding a life for herself, I thought it was fantastic that she found a pseudo family in her neighbors. They seemed to be a supportive tight knit group even if they were a bit dysfunctional. Slowly though I began to question each of their motives. They seemed supportive and yet they all had many secrets...

Then things start getting creepy...things start disappearing from Natalie's flat, strange smells lingering in her home, things are rearranged- or are they? I found myself wondering if Natalie had gotten herself into such a frenzy that this was pure paranoia as she admits to such. Or has someone in fact been in her home? Is someone following her every move?

Wow! Sarah Simpson managed to keep me guessing all the way until the end. I truly was not able to determine what was in fact reality or just our characters secrets, lies and paranoia. A major twist at the end left me shocked as everything fell into place.

Thank you so much to Sarah Simpson, Victoria Joss and Aria Fiction for having me along on this blog tour!

Sarah Simpson has a first-class honours degree in Psychology and has experienced working at a Brain Rehabilitation Hospital. She has spent time as a family consultant for Warwickshire and Oxfordshire solicitors and gained knowledge of the Family Court System. She now lives in Cornwall with her husband, three children and animals.
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