Thursday, May 28, 2020

Happy and You Know It by Laura Hankin


Well hello....mommy club book! What a refreshing book this was. I flew through this entertaining read in less than 24 hours. Not being a mommy myself (except for my adorable dogs) I wasn't sure if this would be a book I would click with. No worries here! If you have a sense of humor, like some entertainment and like a little mystery and frenemy type behavior...this is it!

This book was a snarky adorable look at motherhood struggles, life struggles and fricking funny all wrapped into one. Get opens with a "rich looking" woman running down the streets of NYC in a fur coat in the middle of August..with vomit all down the front of her...with a group of women chasing their heels...wth right??? Don't worry no spoilers here, that is literally from Chapter one.

Whitney created a mommy club for NYC mommies to share and bond with their daily struggles. The club is a great support but often turns into a bit of a competition between the mommies. Whitney has made the club "famous" by splashing their picture perfect mommy moments all over Instagram.

Enter Claire...the hip musician the mommies hire to entertain their babies. Hold people really do this?!! Claire has secrets of her own..why does she flip her you know what when she hears the ever so popular song Idaho Eyes? Can she bond with these mommies?

My favorite character was Amara. Real to life, often questioning how she got herself classified a "mom." I loved her snarky behavior and my heart went out to her as she struggled in her new role.

Surprise!! I didn't expect a bit of a mystery rolled up in this one. There is a mastermind behind the mommy club..yep you heard me! Some twists and turns that completely caught me off guard.

This book was so entertaining. I often felt like I was reading about The Real Housewives of NYC mommy edition! BTW I would watch that show! #guiltypleasure  Rich, poor you all get pooped on the same!

Thank you so much to Berkley for this ARC via Edelweiss. I highly enjoyed it!

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