Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine

Hang onto your husbands ladies! Piper is in town! Whew! This was once again another twisty thriller by this dynamic duo. Always on the must read list for me, they did not disappoint yet again. This book kept me up late into the night as I had to know what this sneaky Piper woman was up to next.

The Wife Stalker is just as it sounds...Piper is a woman that knows what she wants when she sees it....a yoga center, a membership to the yacht club, her Alfa Romeo Spider...oh yeah and your husband! When Piper moved into town she decided to start over- new name, new career, new man. All she needs is the new man...oh hey Leo you will do just fine.

Who is this mysterious newcomer? No trace of social media except for her current recent accounts...but what about her past? A glam girl like Piper and noooo trace of her? Hmm seems odd since Piper is all about social media now...what happened? Trust me Joanna has looked and there is.....nothing.

Oh my heart went out to poor Joanna. Just trying to keep the family together. Cooking, cleaning taking care of little Evie and Stelli. Yet Leo seems oblivious to it all, does he even appreciate her efforts?! She has been in Leo's life for years and yet here comes Piper to replace her. OMGGG I despised Piper!!! How dare her try so desperately to take Joanna's place! Is there no shame in her game? Nope! Piper is all out for herself and her sights are set on Leo and his family.

Well just when I thought I saw it all...Liv Constantine throws in that twisted end that left me speechless! I never in a million years saw that coming.

Huge shoutout to HarperCollins for this gorgeous finished copy of The Wife Stalker in exchange for an honest review!

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