Sunday, June 14, 2020

Don't Turn Around by Jessica Barry

Two women riding in an old jeep across 322  miles of road. Nobody in sight. Suddenly they see headlights...getting closer and closer. He is going to stop right? Nope, they feel the impact as he attempts to drive them off the road. Holy flipping crap!!!  Like this like your worst nightmare or what? It was so atmospheric...I felt like I was in the Jeep with them. Why is this dude so angry? Who is doing this?

So back up...Cait and Rebecca take a road trip- in the middle of the night across the New Mexico desert. Both are terrified even before they meet up with this psycho driver. Weird thing is these two woman have never met before tonight. They both have secrets. They both have enemies, that may want them dead. So who is trying to make it happen? AHHH that is the question.

So this book creeped me out. The author did a fantastic job of making you think you were at the creepy truck stops, the dingy little road side restaurant and traveling down the deserted road late at night. I could see and feel it...can't you? I literally felt chills go down my spine. Then about 100 pages from the end- the entire book changed. We went from creepy thriller to more of a drama. A drama that wrapped up rather quickly and took a turn from thriller street to controversial issues. The ending caught me off guard as I was hoping to keep going down the thriller road. I will leave it at that as not to spoil it for you! I did enjoy this crazy, creepy ride from hell!

Thank you so very much to HarperCollins for this gorgeous finished copy in exchange for an honest review! You guys rock!

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