Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Perfect Marriage by Debbie Viggiano

Earlier today as I was sitting here completely miserable from a cold I was trying to decide what to read. I wanted something fun, comforting and just something to make me feel better. I reached for The Perfect Marriage and it was in fact the perfect choice (no pun intended, well maybe). I devoured this book in one day as I could not put it down.

I loved this book! I know I am quite behind with reading this as it was published several years ago, but wow I am glad I read it.

Rosie Perfect lives a life that is far from perfect. She struggles to pull herself up and create a better life for herself and her son Luke but others around her are making this difficult. I adored Rosie right from the start. I loved her determined, spunky can do attitude.

I expected this is be a funny light read, which it was, yet it was so much more. The characters were well developed and there is even a bit of a thriller/suspense plot thrown in. This book had me biting my nails one minute and laughing my butt off the next!

I have been wanting to read a Debbie Viggiano book for quite awhile now, I just had not gotten to it. I have heard such good things about her books and I was not surprised that I absolutely loved it! The only shocking thing is that I actually read this one before What Holly's Husband Did. It has been driving me crazy wondering what the heck that dude did!

 I couldn't resist this  gorgeous cover and great blurb. I see many more Debbie Viggiano books in my future. Does Ms. Perfect end up with a perfect life? I guess you will have to read it to find out! This book was just what the doctor ordered today to cheer me up.