Sunday, July 19, 2020

Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay

Have you ever experienced such a loss that it literally takes a piece of you with it? It is such a profound loss that a piece of your very soul goes along with it and you never quite feel the same? You go on through life, you manage to be successful, yet there is still a piece of your happiness that you just can't get back? Well this is exactly what happened to Chelsea Martin.

After losing her mother to cancer while in her early 20's Chelsea threw herself into her career. She became a rising star in the nonprofit world, raising money for cancer. This girl was a superstar at her job. Yet her job was all that she had. One day it occurs to her that her "happy" is gone. She wants to get her mojo back but isn't sure how. So she decides to head back to where she last was happy and carefree right before the loss of her mother. She had been "finding herself after college" in Ireland, Paris and Italy. So off she went to find her happiness again.

Okay there Chelsea, first off- you can't go back home or so they say. I was highly doubtful that she could turn back the clock and find her happy by doing so. Yet it was highly entertaining watching her do so. Stalking- I mean finding her old boyfriends...learning how to use a stripper pole...among other things.

The part I enjoyed the most was her "relationship" with her co-worker Jason. I loved their snarky banter that left me laughing. It reminded me a bit of The Hating Game type of snarky coworker, love-hate. Highly entertaining and I really loved the chapters when he tried to worm his annoying way into her business. He was her Goose to her Maverick. Will she find her happy? Will she get her mojo back? All while trying to land a 10 million dollar deal? I loved Chelsea even though she made she bad decisions....cow pjs in front of your coworkers anyone? Go Chelsea find your mojo girl! I am cheering you on!

This was the perfect little rom-com escape and I loved it. Thank you so much to Berkley for providing me with this ARC for an honest review.  I hope you all love it too!

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