Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

The Last Flight.... ❤️ need I say more?! This book is so sizzling hot! Would you walk away from your picture perfect life?...switching place with a complete stranger? What if their life was even more dangerous than your own? Would you do it...without knowing what was waiting for you on the other side?

This book is dangerous, thrilling and fast paced. Everything I love in a thriller. Claire and Eva switch lives, literally purses and all. Whatttt? Nope there is no going back now. Girlfriend has your purse, your phone and you credit cards. I was shocked these two would do this. They each trade plane tickets.. with no idea what is waiting for them when they get off the plane...except one plane crashes....talk about bad luck..or is it the perfect escape?

This book had book started with a bang and ended with one. I was completely blind sided with the ending. A perfect thriller that I couldn't down.

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