Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti


Release Date: May 4, 2021

About The Book:

Seventy-year-old Goldie Sparrows faces declining finances, questionable health, and a late husband who torments her from the beyond. She seeks refuge in her butterfly garden, which is filled with voices and memories from long ago.

Jocelyn Anderson is a struggling writer who finds escape from her custody battle in the journal of her late mother-in-law. As she gets pulled through the pages of time, Jocelyn discovers her own husband has a hidden history she knows nothing about. Is this secret now Jocelyn’s to keep?

Krystal Axelrod is living a life she never dreamed she could have. And yet the demons of a dysfunctional childhood and mean girl culture from her cheerleading days cast their shadow over her ability to feel whole, capable, and worthy. Does Goldie hold the key to Krystal’s path to freedom?

A masterfully crafted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and the risks we take in the pursuit of justice.

My Thoughts

The inside of this book is as beautiful as the cover. This is a story of three women that are brought together by certain circumstance in their life and they form a bond like no other.

I loved all three characters as they each had their story to tell. I was shocked as several secrets I wasn't expecting it...a good twist that I did not see coming...I definately have a soft spot in my heart for Goldie, as her story had me to glued to the pages. The characters are so well developed that I felt like I knew all three.

Of course as the cover indicates...butterflies are also woven into this story. Goldie's sanctuary is her butterfly garden.

I know that many of you are aware that there is a belief that a butterfly visiting  you is a sign of your loved one's presence. I must admit that I never put much thought into this. However, a couple of years ago I was grieving and suddenly this butterfly started circling me and wouldn't leave me alone. It literally bumped into my several times- just brushing against me. I am now a believer.

There is nothing as beautiful and as graceful as a butterfly in my opinion. A heart warming story of friendship, family and life. This wonderful story will stay in my mind for a long time.

Thank you so much to Suzy Approved Tours and Suzanne Simonetti for my gorgeous gifted copy. This cover is stunning.

 About The Author:

SUZANNE SIMONETTI grew up in the New York suburbs just outside of the city. After earning a BS in marketing, she spent several years writing press releases, until she left her corporate job to focus on her passion for crafting fiction. She lives on Cape May Harbor with her husband. When not on her paddle board or yoga mat, she can be found at the beach trailing the shoreline for seashells, scribbling in her notebook, and channeling dolphins for meaningful conversation. Find her online at Website:

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