Sunday, October 10, 2021

Walking Among the Trees by Frank M. Oliva


Release Date: June 22, 2021 

About The Book:

After notifying the bishop that a young girl possessed by an invisible demon must be exorcised immediately, Father Nathaniel Kerrigan is shocked when the bishop insists he perform the ritual. Panicked, Kerrigan calls on his old friend and trusted mentor, Monsignor Carmichael, to convince the bishop he should use another priest instead. But when Kerrigan claims he wants out because he has no experience with the preternatural, Carmichael fears there is much more at stake than Kerrigan's letting on. As Carmichael drags Kerrigan on a dark and painful journey through a secluded nature preserve, it soon becomes clear the real reason Kerrigan is so desperate to avoid the confrontation is that the demon inside the girl has a window into his hidden past.

My Thoughts

A little girl possessed by a demon...a priest with a past- that haunts him every single exorcism...well hello spooky season read! This is the perfect time to pick up this book! I was so excited to have been invited along on this book tour!

A great debut that had me flipping the pages well into the night. The writing was superb. I am loving this creeptastic cover! It is the perfect vibe for this book.

As the plot builds and Father Nathaniel Kerrigan is asked...well basically told that he needs to be present for an exorcism of this young girl, well he is less than thrilled....I thought it was just because..well you know- it's an exorcism. However it went much deeper than that. Father Kerrigan has some inner demons of his own that he is struggling with.

I really enjoyed the backstory of what ultimately led to the secrets being revealed of why Kerrigan was so deeply distraught. Available now and a super creepy read.

My thanks to Suzy Approved Tours, Frank M Oliva and Sage Tower Publishing for my gifted copy!

About The Author:

Frank Michael Oliva is a practicing attorney and law professor from Long Island, New York. As a teenager, he worked as a receptionist at the rectory of his local parish and developed a close relationship with one of the priests, a former English teacher. Their philosophical conversations about the nature of good and evil left a lasting impression on Frank and inspired him to write his first novel, Walking Among the Trees, nearly two decades later. When he isn't busy working or writing, Frank can be found spending time with his wife and twin children, reading, or playing video games.

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