Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sadie by Courtney Summers

I loved this book!!! 5 flipping fabulous stars!!

Sadie has lived a hard life, is the understatement of the year. We join up with Sadie when she is 19 and her sister would have been 13. Except Sadie's little sister was murdered and the killer is on the loose. Sadie's heart and soul has gone into raising her younger sister after their drug addicted mother Claire took off and escaped to Los Angeles. A child herself at 16, Sadie steps in to raise Mattie so they will not have to be separated by foster care. Mattie is all Sadie has in this life. Sadie is all Mattie has, except Mattie still idolized her mother as she was too young to see the truth.

Sadie completely falls apart upon learning of the death of Mattie. Sadie is on a mission hell bent on making the murderer pay. You see, Sadie knows who killed Mattie, it is someone from their past. She just doesn't know where to find him.

This book is so unique. The author has you following along with Sadie's journey as she hunts down the killer in Sadie's own chapters. Yet we also are following along with a radio podcast being put on by a fellow named West McCray. The podcasts are reporting the search for Sadie as she now has gone missing. So they are retracing all Sadie's steps along the way. I loved the podcast chapters, there was so much personality and it was so entertaining as they interviewed people that Sadie had come into contact with.

I loved this book! I did not pick up this book as an ARC because quite frankly I did not want to read a YA. Well then all the rave reviews started rolling in from people that I know read the same type of books I do and they loved it. So I picked up my copy of Sadie and whoa this is not your typical YA. There was a lot of hard core, not so pretty details. These details made you feel like you were right there with Sadie. I was rooting for Sadie all the way.

I read this with a group of my Traveling Sisters and Traveling Friends and everyone seemed to love it. We checked in and discussed our feelings on it and the podcast feature was quite the hit as was Sadie herself. Not everyone was too keen on the ending, which I totally understand. I personally loved the ending and thought it was a very clever and a thought provoking way to wrap it up. My lips are sealed, I can't say anymore, you need to read it yourself and see if you agree! Highly recommend Sadie girl!!! P.S. I love this cover! That crisp white with the red is so attractive. Yes I love my pretty covers!

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