Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sneak Peak Sunday- The Dead Ex by Jane Corry

Thanks for joining me for Sneak Peak Sunday! This is a chance for me to give you a peak into what upcoming reads myself and my Traveling Sisters are really excited about. My WhatsApp was on fire when the first Traveling Sister got their hands on this must read book, the news spread like wildfire!

I have to admit I have been green with envy the last couple of months as everyone in the UK has had a chance to read this book. The Dead Ex is not slated to be published in the United States and Canada until Jane 29, 2019! So I can't even tell you how excited I am to be reading this with my fellow Traveling Sisters- Brenda and Norma with Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee and Christina with Recipe and a Read.

Jane Corry is a must read author for me. Every book so far has been an 5 star read for me, so I am so excited to finally get my hands on her new one! If you get a chance pop on over to my fellow Traveling Sisters and get a sneak peak into what other books we are excited about. If this isn't already on your TBR list I bet it will be after reading this Goodreads summary! Have you read The Dead Ex? What were your thoughts?

Goodreads Summary

One man's disappearance throws four women's lives into chaos--and not all will survive. . .

Vicki works as an aromatherapist, healing her clients out of her home studio with her special blends of essential oils. She's just finishing a session when the police arrive on her doorstep--her ex-husband David has gone missing. Vicki insists she last saw him years ago when they divorced, but the police clearly don't believe her. And her memory's hardly reliable--what if she did have something to do with it?

Meanwhile, Scarlet and her mother Zelda are down on their luck, and at eight years old, Scarlet's not old enough to know that the "game" her mother forces her to play is really just a twisted name for dealing drugs. Soon, Zelda is caught, and Scarlet is forced into years of foster care--an experience that will shape the rest of her life . . .

David's new wife, Tanya, is the one who reported him missing, but what really happened on the night of David's disappearance? And how can Vicki prove her innocence, when she's not even sure of it herself? The answer lies in the connection among these four women--and the one person they can't escape.


  1. Great post Kim!! I am excited to read this one! Such a great one for a sneak peek!!

  2. Thanks! I have been wanting to read this for a long time!


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