Monday, November 19, 2018

Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton

No surprise here, Sharon Bolton has done it again! I declared myself a fan after reading The Craftsman a couple of months ago and could barely wait to get my hands on Daisy In Chains. She did not disappoint!

 I read this book as a group read with my Traveling Sisters. We checked in at the half way point and shared our "predictions" of what was actual happening in the book. Let's just say looking back, I was pretty clueless! Bolton had me hook, line and sinker all the way until the end.

What a fantastic and intriguing premise. Hamish Wolfe is a well respected surgeon who gets arrested and convicted of the murder of several girls. All the victims have one thing in common, they are plus size, larger frame girls. Hamish insists that he is innocent of said crimes. He also demands that he must have Maggie Rose represent him. Why Maggie? Maggie is known for getting killers out of jail with her fantastic detective skills. She is a lawyer, a real crime writer and she knows exactly how to find a loophole if there is one.

This book is totally disturbing on so many levels. Just what I expected from Bolton! That is why I like her writing. Women are drawn to the killer Hamish like bees to honey. They swoon over his good looks, even though he is a convicted killer. He is said to be charming, but is that how he got to his victims or is he really as innocent as he says? Is Maggie going to take his case? Is he going to charm her too? I found myself questioning everything all the way to the end.

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