Thursday, November 15, 2018

Unravleing Oliver by Liz Nugent

Wow! Where to begin?! I  loved this book! Holy flipping crap! ALL the stars for Oliver!  I went into this thinking of course I would like it, since it is Liz Nugent and she did blow me away with Lying in Wait. Dare I say I liked Unraveling Oliver even better than Lying in Wait?! I did!! I read this with a group of Traveling Sisters/Traveling Friends. So far everyone loved it. I mean, what is not to love?! I am so glad we read this together because I literally had to "freak out" a couple of times.

Okay, I am going to try to keep the fangirling under control here, because I just am loving Nugent's writing style. This book has a gritty, sarcastic undertone that is quite hilarious. Mind you, the situation is not funny but my god I laughed out loud so many times with the one liners. I work in the Emergency Room as a nurse and admittedly we tend to have a "dark humor." This  defiantly has a tinge of dark humor to it and maybe that is why I can't get enough of these wonderful witty lines.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a humorous book by no means. Oliver Ryan is a troubled and violent human being. There is no secret made of that as the book opens with him beating his wife into a coma. " I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her." Yep that is quite the opening line, is it not? If you read Lying in Wait you know how gripping her books are right from the start.

This book has the perfect title. You will understand once you start getting into the book. Each chapter is told from a different person's POV and each chapter reveals more to what is the foundation of Oliver's personality. What makes him tick and why he is the way he is. Make no mistake here, I am not defending his behavior, which was twisted and horrible to the core. I must say a small part of me did understand how he turned out the way he did.

I am going to leave it at that and let you read this for yourself. Hands down in my top 5 of the year for books. Lying in Wait also. Now......let me get my hands on Skin Deep!! Not out in the US yet so I may have to put in a UK order! I can not wait!

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