Friday, November 30, 2018

Falling Behind Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe today is finally here! I actually don't have to work this weekend for once. I plan on catching up on some much needed reading. Falling behind Friday is a meme that started out as a bit of joke between myself and Brenda at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee and it just stuck! We said we should post on reads we are behind on you know we all get behind. Please pop over to Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee and see what they have to say about Falling Behind Friday!  This is my current situation with my TBR pile..........wait for it.......yep that is me!

This week we had planned on starting Watching You by Lisa Jewell for a group read. OMG I am so excited about this! The problem is I just had too much going on in my personal life, and I committed to a couple (let's say 6) blog tours, which I am not used to doing and well......I got behind...Although I probably look like this...but yes I am fine.......really...

So Drew over at the Tattooed Book Geek  really brought up some interesting points this week about the pressures of book blogging. Which I want to say what pressure? This is fun! It is a hobby. Well, it is but I think most if not all of us feel a little pressure especially when we get behind. So I am off to catch up on my reading especially Watching You! This is how I think myself and my Traveling Sisters will feel after this weekend!

Can't wait to see what this book is about. My first Lisa Jewell book and I have been looking forward to it!

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