Monday, February 4, 2019

The Dead Ex by Jane Corry

I have yet to meet a Jane Corry book I did not like. This was no exception. This was released last year in the UK and it has been driving me mad trying to figure out how to get my hands on a copy. So you can imagine how excited I was when Viking Books offered me a copy before the release here in the U.S. I was over the top excited. I may have jumped up and down a bit. To further add to the excitement my fellow Traveling Sisters decided to read this as a group. Score!! I was so excited! Please pop over to
Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee to hear their thoughts!

The Dead Ex is a story that drew me in right from the start. Vicki is divorced and has not seen her ex husband David for five years, or so this is what she tells the detectives. Vicki receives a knock on the door when her ex David goes missing. His new wife Tanya has reported him missing and Vicki is on the list of people to question. You might ask why Vicki is on the list? Well while Vicki claims her and David were over and she has not seen him...there is proof that Vicki saw him right before he went missing! Ekkk Vicki what are you hiding?!

Instantly I am wondering if Vicki and David are in on something together and devised a plot for him to disappear but Vicki hates him right? Or is that what really happened, did Vicki get rid of her cheating ex husband once and for all? I had all kinds of theories but alas as usual they weren't correct. Where the heck is David? Why is Vicki lying? Or has she had some lapse in memory due to health conditions? I had so many head was spinning. I couldn't even decide if David was dead or alive!

Then in alternating chapters we have yet another story unfolding. A disturbing story of a mother and daughter. The mother Zelda is a drug dealer and has chosen to bring her young daughter into the world of drugs and other crimes by having her tag along and assist her. I kept wondering how these two very different stories were going to tie in but they did! I must admit I gasped at the ending as it really took a turn I did not expect.

Thank you so much to Jane Corry and Viking Books for this ARC.

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