Monday, February 4, 2019

The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict

Ohhh this was creepy! You come home from a long weekend and put your key in the door. Wait, why is it not working? Maybe I have the wrong key, nope that is not it. What the hell is going on? As your panic builds you think okay well I have an extra key. Then you look up at your window and see a figure in the window. Who is in your house and why?!

Holy crap! As Kimber is calling the police and reporting a stranger in her home I am thinking surely this will be taken care of. Unfortunately for Kimber, it is not that simple. For people that think no way this could never happen, it can. I actually knew of someone this happened to. I know of someone that moved overseas and they planned on renting their home out. Except a scam artist beat them to it. He changed the locks, drew up a lease and rented it out to an innocent couple. So this can happen and does. Except this story is so much more! Is Lance just an innocent victim? Or is he in fact the scam artist?

Someone seems to know some details of Kimber's past that she has been trying to keep hidden. Could her life be turned upside yet again? Why is this all happening at once? On top of that she is dealing with thinking of someone in her home using her personal items, sleeping in her bed. This sent creepy chills down my spine.

As this sinister plot evolves we learn more about Kimber and her past. Oh Kimber how could you? I found myself detesting Kimber as she revealed more and more of herself. Her ex Gabriel tries to help her through this hard time and I wanted them to get back together so badly! Do they or is that not in the cards? My lips are sealed, you will have to find out how Kimber fares in this whole nightmare for yourself!

I read this as a group read with my Traveling Sisters, please pop over and check out what they had to say!

Thank you to Laura Benedict, Mulholland Books and Netgalley for this ARC.

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