Monday, March 25, 2019

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


This book will make you smile, laugh and just feel good. It was just what a needed this week. I  have been reading some really great thrillers lately but I needed a happy, fun book and this fit the bill perfectly!

Lucy and Joshua work in the same small office each day...directly facing each other. Their desks a couple feet apart...let the games begin... Oh my gosh I was literally laughing my out loud all to myself on this one. These two were off the chain! They absolutely hated each other. Not only would they verbally express this, but they had these ridiculously funny games they would play. HR being their safe word!

The entire story is told from Lucy's POV and she is funny as hell. She has a bit of a Bridgett Jones hot mess kind of vibe going on. A bit messy, quirky and silly but yet a very likeable person. Except when it comes to Joshua. He hates all her little silly antics. Or does he? He certainly spends plenty time engaging in "the games" with her. He also seems to like to play the staring game a great deal with her.

Joshua is extremely uptight type A personality. He has it all together, his life is perfectly organized and he know exactly what he wants. Or does he?

This is my first book by Sally Thorne and I flew right through it. I had to see what was going to happen with these two. Did they really hate each other as much as they said? Would a job promotion tear them apart even further or bring them together? Adorable, funny and a pleasure to read! I loved these two and was sad to see the book end.

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