Monday, July 29, 2019

Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

There is a new girl in town...and she likes to play games...with your life!  Meet Roux the new neighbor. The girls met Roux when she invited herself to their night of book club. She breezed in the door and overturned their serious book talk with a game of Never Have I Ever. Let's just say adults probably should never partake in this game!

Amy Whey is about the most wholesome soccer mom type you could ever meet. I liked her instantly but is there more to Amy than we first thought? Roux seems to think so, in fact she seems intent to bring Amy down.

I wasn't sure quite what to think about Roux as there seemed to be something a bit "off". Other than her abrasive behavior at book club, there seemed to be something amiss. She had the best clothes and it appeared the best botox in town, plus she drove a fancy sports car. Yet she moved into the dumpy rental house nicknamed the "Sprite House" because it was painted the color of a sprite can. It just didn't make sense. Although she seemed to be a doting mom, there was a hard, aggressive side to her that the little yuppy neighborhood was not used to.

Wow this book was filled with secrets, twists and turns. I made quite a few assumptions while reading this book and let's just say I was wrong...a lot. The author did a fantastic job of throwing me off track numerous time and the ending was shocking. I never saw that coming. I really enjoyed my first Joshilyn Jackson book! I flew through this book with my book group the Traveling Sisters.

Thank you so much to William Morrow for this gorgeous ARC! The ARC is so pretty I can't wait to see what the actual book is going to look like. Thank you also to Joshilyn Jackson for this gripping, twisty read.

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