Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Well okay it is official, this writing duo is on my "must read" list! Whew holy psychological thriller. I have always loved their books in the past but this just took it to a new level. Admittedly I have never seen the movie Sliding Doors, I know **gasp** but I can defiantly get the picture of what inspired this book. Such a thrilling, unique crazy concept of the different paths a life can take based on your decision making process. All actions result in a consequence, whether good or bad. Some choices may threaten your actually being and life as you know it.

Lila Bennett is a very successful defense attorney. Did she get to the top by just plain old hard work or did she instead do ANYTHING it took to get to the top? This girl is ruthless in and out of the courtroom. It doesn't matter who she hurts or who she takes down in the process. She "screws over" her husband, best friend, former friends- I mean really there are too many to list. So when this story splits in two, with chapters labeled Free Lila and Captured Lila I had no idea what to think. Who is hell bent on making Lila pay for her past actions?

This book took a terrifying turn as Lila is kidnapped by some creepy hooded monster that makes it clear she is going to pay for what she has done in her life. My mind was racing to figure out who this was but Lila had too many enemies to even guess. Free Lila also is dealing with terrifying daily encounters that prove that someone is intent on revenge. Either way Lila is forced to face her past.....who  knows everything she has done? Who wants her to pay? Will Lila be able to get out alive  in either scenario? Can she turn her life around? Or is it too late?

This book was such a edge of your seat page turner. This unique take on life and consequences  kept me flipping the pages until late into the night. Loved it! Thank you so much to Lake Union Publishing for this gorgeous ARC physical copy. Thank you to Lisa & Liz for yet another fantastic book!

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