Sunday, March 22, 2020

If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane

Wow! This book tapped into every emotion for me. I cried, laughed and was content...all in one book. This adorable rom-com landed on my door as a surprise book mail from William Morrow and I couldn't have been more excited. I loved it!

As an ER nurse you could say I am a bit overwhelmed with the world today. In between shifts I would pick up this book and escape into the world of Laurie and Jamie. A much welcome escape!

Well this book gave me all the feels as I stated above. It actually got me downright furious at Dan...good old Dan the man...ughhh. Her boyfriend of 18 years...yes flipping 18 years up and decides well he has had enough. What???!! Right out of the blue. I was so furious I could hardly contain myself. I literally had to say okay.... get a grip it is just a book. It hit me so hard though because I felt so bad for Laurie who basically got traded in for a younger model. Laurie who had spent some of the best years of her life with Dan. Laurie who put having a family on hold for Dan. Laurie who has to go to work and see Dan every single day. Oh yes and if that wasn't enough Dan's new girl is preggers. Really Dan???? Obviously I hate Dan.......obviously...

Then when Jamie comes into the picture, well things get really interesting. Their fake relationship they created had me wondering how this would all pan out. I loved their chemistry yet I wondered if Jamie was really the playboy that he seemed. Jamie seemed perfect, but almost too perfect. As I went along with their fake relationship I kept hoping that they would get together. I hate to say but I really liked Jamie! I know, sucker...but I did. It seemed Laurie did she about to make a second big mistake?

Oh my gosh guys, this book was so cute! I can't thank the publisher enough for sending this too me! William Morrow you rock!

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