Monday, April 13, 2020

The New Husband by D.J. Palmer


You know that feeling that you have with new love? They can do no wrong? You can't see their faults at all? Or if you do you overlook them? Hellllooo Nina! Wake up and smell the coffee girl! I really wish I could've been her BFF and yelled this to her. Although I doubt she would've listened.

After Nina's cheating husband Glen goes missing she moves on. Even though Glen's body has never been found she decides he either died or left her so either way he is not coming back.  Her daughter Maggie on the other hand has a much harder time with this. I loved little Maggie and my heart broke for her. As her mom decided to move in with Mr. Fitch ( a teacher from her school) how could things get more awkward?! Especially after it had not been long after her father's disappearance. The town is gossiping  and poor Maggie is caught in the crossfire.

This twisted little thriller was a slow burn that took awhile to take off. Yet I was glued to the pages because I did not trust this guy all!!!!!!! Simon is too good to be true. So helpful, so controlling! I don't know exactly what it was but this guy had the creep factor going on. He managed to get under my skin. It was one of those characters that you wanted to scream and say "can nobody else see what this guy is up to??"

The second half of the book I had a ton of anxiety as I was waiting to see how this would end. I loved, loved, loved Daisy and Maggie and I was terrified about the fate they might meet. The story got pretty intense towards the ending. I kept thinking, this is not going to end well.........I will leave it at that so that you can find out for yourself if the new husband Simon is all that......or not.

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this ARC.

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