Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Sister In Law by Sue Watson

Holy Sister-in-Law from hell!! This book had me fuming! Let me tell you what I liked about Ella.....nothing...not one single thing! Ughhh this girl got under my skin. Yet, I couldn't stop reading this, I literally couldn't put this down.

No surprise here… another fantastic thriller from Sue Watson ❤️. As soon as my book buddy Jayme and I saw this newest book from Sue Watson, well we instantly decided it was buddy read time! I can tell you this made for a terrific buddy read as there was ALOT to talk about!

You say we are going on a family vacy? Awesome...I can't wait. Ohhh your carefree world traveling brother Jamie is going to join us. Yesss! Jamie is fun! I love him. Oh wait, Jamie got married?! Oh wow she is something else isn't she? Instagram "it" girl or so she thinks. She loves in London and New York, gorgeous glam girl. Yet where does she get all this money? Does she have any friends? A girl like this should have another BFF glam girl right? HMMMM spidey senses are kicking in...

As usual Sue Watson got me with all her twists...seriously I did manage to figure one out...but they kept coming and coming...Just when I thought we were done with the twists...well let's just say it was very well played.......

Thank you so much to Bookouture for an ARC of this latest by Sue Watson! I loved it!

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