Friday, August 14, 2020

In Case of Emergency by E.G. Scott

Holy book hangover! I stayed up late into the night because I HAD to know how this was going to end. I loved this freaking psychological thriller! I was so excited to get my hands on this book because I loved The Woman Inside. In fact it was one my top 10 list of books the year I read it.

Charlotte has got it going on...she has the world at her fingertips. An up and rising star in the neurosurgery field, dating the head is great for Charlotte, until it isn't. Charlotte's life comes to a screeching halt, she loses her career, her man, her mind- all in one day.

Finally getting her life back together, thanks to her support group and her boyfriend Peter whom she adores. Except Peter forbids her to tell anyone they are dating. Ummm okay there Charlotte...I mean what could go wrong with that?! That seems totally normal, right?

When Charlotte is called by the detectives to identify a body, she is sure it is Peter. He has been missing for three weeks. Again...totally normal right?! Except thank goodness it is not Peter. Instead it is some Jane Doe she has never seen in her why is she Jane Doe's Emergency contact???? Good question!

This book had me guessing until the very, very end. I knew about 3 different times who was at fault for these crimes...and I was wrong every single time. It gave me a ton of angst late into the night until I finished the last page. I was hoping the end would deliver and it did...oh yes it did.

Thank you so much to Kathleen Carter- kccpr for this gorgeous finished copy. Thank you to E.G. Scott for killing it again with another fantastic book!

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