Monday, August 31, 2020

Girl Gone Mad by Avery Bishop

"Once a Harpy, always a Harpy." Holy mean girls! There are mean girls and then there are MEAN girls. I can honestly say this is the meanest bunch of girls I have ever encountered. Popular, powerful, hated and envied, these 14 year old's have it all, until they went too far....way too far.

We all know them, that group of girls that just have it all and they make sure you know it. This is why the new girl Grace couldn't help herself when they invited her into their group. Ohhh Grace...please keep walking..but she didn't. The things they did to Grace, the torture, the bullying, the abuse were heartbreaking. Yet, Grace kept on being a Harpy.

What happens when the mean girls grow up? Do they mend their ways or does a leopard never change it spots? What happened to Grace that night at the barn? Something so awful that some people have erased it from their memory just because...just because..

I LOVE a good mean girls story and this took the cake. These girls were ...insane...Will they take it too far and push someone over the edge? Maybe even each other? As the dead Harpies start piling up, I began to wonder...what really is going on....Til death do the Harpies part.

Huge shoutout to Kathleen Carter for this gorgeous finished copy! I loved it. Publication day is September 1st!!

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