Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Boys Club by Erica Katz

 I loved this book!!! 5 stars all the way.....Publication date is August 4th.

Do you ever read a book and just wish it wasn't going to end? Yeah I don't have that happen much either. Usually I am really ready for a book to wrap it up, but I was a little sad to see this end. I was so invested in Alex's life, I really could have hung out with her for quite awhile more.

When you hang with the boys and you are the only girl, you are going to take some heat. In a man's world, Alex landed in with the big boys. How you ask? Did she sleep her way in? Did she do something sketchy? Nope she just worked damn hard. Every minute of the day, she thought about work. It paid off...well...very well.

Alex Vogel is not someone to be pitied by any means. She graduated Harvard Law School and landed a job at one of most prestigious law firms in the world. Klasko & Fitch is the place to be. As we move through this story we see Alex move from another unknown 1st year lawyer to......a girl with everything..Everyone knows Skippy. She is really good at her job and everyone knows it.

I think why I enjoyed this much is there was such fantastic character development. I felt I knew Alex. Some of you are going to hate her. Don't be haters...yes she partied and she partied hard. Yes she made wrong choices. Yes she did things that would make you think oh god Alex. Yet she was a young girl that suddenly found herself with unlimited money, a gorgeous apartment, surrounded by very powerful people. Well hello Bergdorf Goodman- don't mind if I do. This was her life. So she went a little crazy, most people would. The question is will she come out on the other side?

With the money, power, prestige...came lots of drugs and alcohol...and boys will be boys right? far will Alex let this go to get the top? Will she stand up for herself and risk losing it all?

I loved this book so much. I had not even heard of this until it landed on my doorstep from the publisher, I swear HarperCollins knows my taste better than I do! You all are the best! Seriously an amazing debut. I LOVE finding a great debut author and here is one for you! You can tell she is a lawyer and I certainly have to wonder how much of this reflects real life, I wouldn't be surprised is all I can say. Highly recommend this one!

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