Friday, September 4, 2020

For The Best by Vanessa Lillie



I loved this book! Can you say #blindsided????

Jules is living the charmed life...until she isn't.  Jules had it going on- she had the perfect man, son and job. However, Jules likes to have a drink...or two...or seven. Yes, it is fair to say that Jules has a bit of a drinking  problem. She has managed to be a functional drunk....until her life changes. When she gets a knock at the door and finds out the person she was with last night was found the alley and she was last seen with could it get worse?! Oh wait, this is how...her wallet was found next to the dead guy. Oh boy...Jules you have a problem.

So when Jules swears she is innocent, I want to believe her, but girlfriend was black out drunk and can't remember a thing. Except not everyone that night is having trouble remembering. Hmmm...So there is that. I loved, loved, loved that Jules created a vlog! I will just put out a disclaimer that this is a video blog for those of  you who are like me and will have to google it. You are welcome, I saved you a google. I really enjoyed reading her vlog transcripts. SO entertaining!

I love to pick up a book by an author I have never read before. There is always an ah- ha moment for me when I realize, yeah this author is my style of writing or not. This time, I swear I was on the very first chapter and I said to myself...WOW this is going to be my kind of book. I am telling you it didn't disappoint. I never, ever saw the twists coming...completely blinded me! I just added Little Voices to my list of "must read" books!

Thank you so much to Kathleen Carter for sending me this finished copy and to Vanessa Lillie for a great read!

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