Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Can't Wait Wednesday

Hi everyone! The holidays are almost upon us. I need to take a break from my Christmas shopping for a little Can't Wait Wednesday. This is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings where myself and my Traveling Sisters share what upcoming reads we are really excited about. Please pop over to see what Norma and Brenda  at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee have to say about this one! I imagine this is what I look like at this point as my last minute shopping habits catch up with me.

So when Brenda over at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee told me she wanted to do a Sister read with The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict my reaction was... see below....I was so excited! This book sounds like a nail biter!

The summary states that Kimber comes home from a trip to find a stranger living in her house. WHAT???? OMG this book is going to have me checking the locks.......super creepy sounding! I can't wait.

I may have looked like this when I got a copy of The Stranger Inside from NetGalley.....

Can you tell I am excited for this one?!

Goodreads Summary

Kimber Hannon's belief that she has complete control over her life is shattered the night that she comes home from a trip to find her key no longer opens her front door. There is a stranger living in her house. A stranger who claims he has every right to be there, with the paperwork to prove it. When she confronts the man, he lets her get close enough to whisper, "I was there. I saw what you did."

She doesn't know how he knows her, but with those words Kimber knows this stranger isn't after anything as simple as her money or artwork or charming Craftsman bungalow. She has to find out exactly what he wants and get him out of her carefully orchestrated life before he ruins it.

There are plenty of people in her life who might help, but should Kimber trust any of them? Her lawyer, Gabriel, is also her ex-lover; Diana, her best friend, doesn't know Kimber slept with her husband; her ex-husband has a new, happier life since leaving her; and her co-workers know she'll do anything to get her next sale. And no one can know the real reason this man is in her house. Without trust, everyone's a stranger...

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