Sunday, December 9, 2018

My Favorite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren

This was my first book that I have read by Christina Lauren and I loved it! This would not normally be a book that I would pick up, hence why I have not read her books before. My Traveling Sisters were going on and on about how excited they were to read this as a group read, so I let Brenda talk me into it...well I did love it. Such a witty and fun read! It may have been a bit predictable but who cares, it was fun!

Millie was just one of the guys until, well she slept with her BFF Reid. Millie and Reid decided to keep it a secret and remain "just friends" but is is really possible to sleep with your BFF and pretend it didn't happen? I am going to go with no, yes that is right my answer would be nope that is not going to work. Except Millie and Reid went with yes. Okay well I will let you all read this and see how that worked out for them.

The whole gang signed up for online dating and that was a whole other adventure. I loved the chapters that were focused around the group texting back and forth to each other. Such a creative and unique idea for this book.

As you can tell, I did love this one! I can't wait to read Josh & Hazel!! Hint, hint Traveling Sisters! Check out what they had to say about this one @ Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee.

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