Saturday, December 8, 2018

Hangman by Daniel Cole

I am so excited to be on this 12 days of Christmas blog tour! Thanks for having me Tracy! Hangman is one heck of a book. I admit I must be living under a rock or something because I have not read Daniel Cole's first in this series, the ever popular Ragdoll. Let me tell you this certainly can be read as a stand alone. The author does a fantastic job of filling in the blanks and getting  you up to speed.

Chief Inspector Emily Baxter and Special Agent Rouche are defiantly the stars of this show. These two will do anything to crack this case. I do mean anything. You will know what I mean when you get to the part that clearly shows how dedicated they are. WOW, I actually cringed and felt a bit queasy. The author did an amazing job of making me feel I was right there at that moment.

Victim after victim are left for dead, branded with either the words Puppet or Bait carved into their flesh on their chest. Strung from rafters in buildings, suspended on cables above streets. Baxter questions if these are copycat murders of the ever so famous case she cracked with Wolf (whom by the way is not in this book!) Or is this something else?

This book was admittedly my first Daniel Cole book and I literally gasped about a million times. This book is shocking and disturbing, but oh so good! Not many authors have such a knack for literally transporting you into the book with such graphic details. I felt like I was at the crime scene with Baxter and Rouche and trust me that is pretty creepy!

I guarantee this book will have you flipping the pages as fast as you can. With the intense scenes and gritty humor it made for a fantastic read. Throw in a shocking twist at the end and wow!  Good news is this is a trilogy people! I defiantly have to go back and read Ragdoll and I can't wait to see what Cole has in store for us with his next book.

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